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Please choose the appropriate download link below which pertains to your e-Range software setup.

Note : None of the eRange software on this page will run without the proper e-Range
          hardware and a valid license.

  Sales and Support Information
A) TeamViewer remote support (Version 11) Download from eRange
B) ConnectWise remote support Open Web Browser Link
C) Reader Menu Summary G-Series Readers
with Firmware 175.01 and above (shipped from Sept 2015)
Download Now
D) Reader Menu Summary for Timer-Series Readers
for readers equipped with a motor timer controller.
Download Now
E) Reader Menu Summary for older G-Series Readers
(Old versions - Pre 2015)
Download Now
F 32) MySQL connector Ver 5.3.10 win32 bit
Download 32 bit from MySQL.com
G) e-Range Brochure Download Now
I) Range Star Flyer Download Now
J) Range Star Manual Download Now
K) e-Range Faceplate cutout template (PDF) Download Now

      Downloadable Updates

Latest e-range version = 30.47.312   Sept 29, 2022    
- Removed autodownload of erangeSUNdll file.
- Fixed auto update of paid subscription codes

Latest Crossfire version = 32.22.066   Sept 29, 2022   (Uses ENCXML Method)
- Limits card holder name data to 50 characters - fixes 'field too small for data provided'
- Supports Moneris as a card processor for Canadian Clients - effective April 16th, 2021
- Blocks all cards with no name on card.
- fixes bug - Blacklisted cards were still accepted.
- fixes bug - unable to select date period in reports.
- [Elavon] Gift Card Management is built in.

(Archived) Latest VSD Version = 2.18.126   Oct 22, 2018

- Has fix for Popup 'Did not originate from eRange.'
  when formatting eKeys)

Latest AGC e-range version = 31.47.312   Sept 29, 2022    
   - Removed autodownload of erangeSUNdll file.
   - Fixed auto update of paid subscription codes
   - Unlimited AGC Lost List/Deactivation List controlled wirelessly.

1) e-Range - Installation Package

e-Range 30 Installer w/ Drivers (MSSQL) Sept 29, 2022
eRange version 30.47.312
DLL version (Feb 2018)
MySQL 5.3.10 ODBC Connector installer(s) included.

Download Now
2) Crossfire - Installation Package

Crossfire Install Package (31.8.064)
- Uses 2017 ENCSXMLS method. No conflicts with IBS and GolfNow software.

Download Now

Crossfire 2018 Blank Database
3) VSD - Installation Package

e-Range VSD  Installer

Download Now
6 - 32) MySQL 5.3.10 ODBC Connector installer 32 bit
April 5, 2018
Required for automatic subscription code updating.
Download 32 bit Now
11 2023 POS PIN Integration XML Version

--Please contact us for a Test Account 289-932-1776--

-- End User Licensing is Required for POS/PIN Integration! --
Download Now
16) e-Range Vista USB drivers 32-bit (4.01) Download Now
17) e-Range Vista USB drivers 64-bit (4.01) Download Now
18) e-Range Windows 7 USB drivers 32-bit (4.03) Download Now
19) e-Range Windows 7 USB drivers 64-bit (4.03) Download Now
30) Crossfire - Receiver Drivers pre-2014 hardware (2.04.06)
Windows 7 Compatible
Download Now
31) Crossfire/eRange wireless - Receiver Drivers 2014+ hardware. (XSC hardware)
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Compatible
Download Now
32) eRange wired hardware (Moxa) drivers
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Drivers Available
(select the proper operating system driver)

Click on the link. When the site opens, use the drop down labelled 'Operating System' and select the proper driver for your computer
Open Website
33) Crossfire - Inetwh32.dll Download Now
41) Fore Reservations MySQL POS Integration
Deprecated, no longer supported.
Emergency Use Only.
Server Installer XP
Server Installer
Client Installer
Version 20 DLL


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