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Print your pin on your normal receipt.
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Version Information

    Download a printable version of this checklist (56k)  (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)                  


1 year warranty on all readers    Check out each of the powerful features in the versions
available and choose which product best suits your needs.

  Each Version includes an e-range reader for your ball dispenser

Ver VSD Ver4.0 Ver6.0 Ver8.0
   Credit Value used on the customers account Basket Count Money Money Money
 3 Selection Sizes - 3 Selection Prices 
    (instantly converts single size dispensers to 3 sizes if you want)
 Revalue customer e-keys
 Erase and re-use customer e-keys 1000's of times
 Revalue Software (Revalue Station on your PC)
 Set an expiry date for each individual account 
 Void & Replace lost or stolen accounts    
 Automatic Daily Revalue Accounts  
 Set the Automatic Daily Revalue Amount for each account  
 View up-to-date customer balances  
 View & Print Transaction (event) Reports    
 View & Print by customer, type, event...    
 View & Print Downloaded transactions    
 View & Print Monthly Sales Graphs    
 View & Print Weekly Sales Graphs    
 View & Print Transaction Reports    
 View & Print Employee Sales & Revalue Reports      
 Print up-to-date customer balances    
     NEW     Export reports to your favorite spreadsheet  NEW 
     NEW     email reports  NEW 
     NEW     Point of Sale software integration  NEW 
     NEW     Accept $1, 5, 10, 20 at the ball dispenser (option)  NEW 
 Wireless Single-Use PIN numbers to replace tokens      
 Print Customer PIN number receipt to replace tokens        *
 Print batches of PINs for tournament play
  Free 60 day e-range V8.0 Trial      

All versions of e-range PC software require a PC or laptop running Windows, with an unused USB port. Version e-range 6.0 and Version 8.0 require any printer capable of printing on 8.5 x 11 paper to print reports.

* Requires an optional POS printer to print a cash register type receipt that your customer can take to the dispenser.

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